ELIZABETH CARSON – White Dress Party Amalfi

In this adventure “White Dress Party Amalfi” we find out more about some of Elizabeth’ secrets. Some people knew about them. One secret was that she gets in a very sexy mood from drinking Prosecco. A big fan and member of her invited Elizabeth for a party in his house in Amalfi and wanted her to wear her white tight dress and high heels. The landlord is happy when he sees her walking up the stairs to his garden.

She has, of course, no underwear and this he and all male guests like a lot. Elizabeth poses for a few pictures.

Elizabeth Carson - White Dress Prosecco

The landlord knows Elizabeth’ secret and he offers her of course as much Prosecco as she wants.

Elizabeth Carson - White Dress Prosecco

She starts to feel it. She gets a bit horny!

It does not take much time … and she is in the right mood for the “White Dress Party”. She is invited as the attraction of the private event. There are mostly men attending but also some women.
“Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce to you the one and only Elizabeth Carson!” the landlord proudly announces and lifts his glass.

Elizabeth Carson - White Dress Prosecco

Let the White Dress Party Begin!

She pullsher dress down and exposes her breasts. Everybody can see her big and hard nipples. Yes, she is horny!

They go inside and the landlord takes his smartphone out and start to film Elizabeth first taking her hair down and wear it open and dancing to the loud music for everybody.

Elizabeth Carson - White Dress Prosecco

She feels great and starts to undress showing again her boobs and hard nipples.

Well, Elizabeth has another secret and the landlord knows it. If you serve her some lines with Prosecco or better Vodka she is ready for anything. So he got some lines ready and when Elizabeth sees them she’s smiling. Also some of the guests are taking them in. And the result? She dances even more seductive and one guy after another is coming closer. She picks one, undresses him and then she sucks his big cock right in front of everybody. Elizabeth has her white dress up and shows her sexy booty.

Elizabeth Carson - White Dress Prosecco

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Elizabeth Carson - Amalfi White Dress
Elizabeth Carson – Amalfi White Dress

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Elizabeth Carson Amalfi Adventure
Elizabeth Carson - Nude in Amalfi

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