ELIZABETH CARSON – Amalfi Adventure

A real life adventure based on a true story with Elizabeth Carson in Amalfi, Italy.
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Elizabeth was high above Amalfi enjoying the view. She noticed that quite some guys were watching her from distance. No wonder, the white hotpants did not hide much of her sexy booty.

She had a refreshing Limoncello during a shooting break in an exclusive garden restaurant.

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Later she went sightseeing in Amalfi.

She had a nice tan and people kept looking at her, especially men. On her way back up to the hotel she had the feeling that she was being followed from the port.

She made believe she did not know and continued walking.

Before she went into her hotel she took a break and enjoyed the view once more. She knew the guy from the port was still following her in a safe distance.

When she got to her room she left the door open …  and she did not have to wait long. He entered the room. What happened next?

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