ELIZABETH CARSON – Prosecco Pool Party

Prosecco Pool Party – The owner of a fitness club invited some clients. He booked Elizabeth to spice up the party. He wanted her to pose at the pool and entertain the men. Most of them were bodybuilders or fitness fanatics and they knew Elizabeth from the club.
Elizabeth started to work out harder after her model career and gained some muscles and was looking forward to show her trained body. She put on a light blue bikini top and orange hotpants.

This adventure is based on a true story.
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Fitness Posing

They wanted her to do some push-ups first and show her biceps.

Then they wanted to see her backside. She rolled up her hotpants and turned around.

Then she spread her legs and posed again. The guys were now getting into party mood. They had already quite some drinks.

They started to shout: “We want to see your tits!” Elizabeth had to smile and took off her top.

Bikini Posing

Then she went quickly inside and changed into a bikini. She did again some push-ups and posings.

Then she was sitting at the pool and they wanted her to go into the water.

One of the guys jumped in the pool and dived under her. He touched her upper thighs.

Elizabeth went quite shocked out of the pool. She changed into an orange outfit in the house. When she came back and went again in the pool a guy placed a glass of prosecco but told her she was not allowed to take it.

“Show us your tits first!”

Elizabeth was proud of her tits and her nipples were hard already. “Ok. now you can have your prosecco” and she took a sip.

“When you take your bottom off, we have a surprise for you” and Elizabeth did what they wanted and showed them her naked booty.

Nude Posing

“Actually we want you completely naked” and she took off her top.

“Come here … we have what you really like … “ Elizabeth smiled and came over. She got out of the pool.

“Please oil your body and put on high heels.”

“So where’s the surprise for me?” Elizabeth asked.
“Go in the doggystyle position and we will give it to you” and Elizabeth right away did it. She was curious what surprise they had for her.

The guy put a small black mirror with 10 lines right in front of her.

He gave her a short straw and Elizabeth took 4 lines right away. She really liked that stuff, smiled, looked at all the guys and asked “so what are we going to do now?”

The lines started to affect her. She felt this strong desire inside. She was horny as hell and turned around and said: “Who’s gonna fuck me first hard and long from behind?”

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Elizabeth loves Prosecco – It turns her on! Enjoy another adventure below!

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