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Elizabeth was relaxing topless on the balcony when she noticed workers in the garden below hiding behind plants, looking up at her and they were wanking their cocks
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She decided to give them a little show, turned around and exposed her sexy booty.

She heard them moaning while they masturbated. She went quickly inside changed her high heels, took off her string and brought a dildo. She sat on the chair, lifted her leg up and started to suck on the dildo to make it wet.
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Then she slid the dildo deep inside her pussy and started to move it in and out, faster and faster. She watched the guys below masturbating like crazy. Elizabeth Carson Nude in Amalfi 10

After her orgasm she wanted more. She changed again her heels and freshened up her make-up. She leaned over the railing and asked the guys to come up to her room.

When they were in her room she started to pose for them.
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Elizabeth wanted to see them wanking their cocks again while she masturbated.Elizabeth Carson Nude in Amalfi 05

Then she laid on the bed, spread her legs wide and said: “Come and fuck me now, hard and long!”



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