Elizabeth enjoys the view nude on the balcony of her hotel room in Amalfi. She wants to know more about this big sailing ship and also needs a bottle of water and therefore, ordered roomservice.
(Nude in Amalfi – This adventure is fully based on a true story)

Elizabeth Carson - Breakfast in Amalfi
The Royal Clipper – Elizabeth Carson Breakfast in Amalfi

She puts on just a tiny WickedWeasel string and when they guy comes has some smalltalk with him – topless.

He gives her also more info about the Royal Clipper but can’t avoid staring at her boobs. She notices how horny he is and suggests a quick booty show for him. Well, he really enjoys it.

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Then she enjoys her late breakfast and the really spectacular Amalfi view.

Some time later Elizabeth wants a bottle of white wine and has the crazy idea to seduce the room service guy. She takes some lines and feels super horny. Elizabeth is laying totally naked on the bed just wearing high heels and starts to play with a huge dildo while she’s waiting for room service. The male staff of the hotel does everything possible to get to her room. First comes a younger guy and then an older one with the bottles. She lifts and spread her legs so he has a perfect view of her naked body and even pussy.

She tells the guy to come back with his younger colleague because she has a surprise for them on the balcony. There are workers below in the garden sneeking up to her. Elizabeth can see that they were wanking.

Showtime Again Nude

She decides to give them a little show too, turns around and exposes her sexy booty.

She hears them moaning while they masturbate. Elizabeth goes quickly inside to change her high heels and take off her string again. She’s again nude in Amalfi waiting for the room service guys. Elizabeth shows them her dildo and tells them to follow her to the balcony.  She’s sitting on the chair, lifts her leg up and starts to suck on the dildo to make it wet. The dildo looks even like a cock.

Then she slids the dildo deep inside her pussy and starts to move it in and out, faster and faster. She watches the guys below and next to her masturbating like crazy.

After her orgasm she gives the younger guy a nice blowjob but she wants more.

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Elizabeth Wants More

On the next day she leans over the railing and asks the two garden workers who were wanking the day before, to come up to her room.

Elizabeth Nude in Amalfi

It does not take them long to be there and she starts posing for them.

Elizabeth wants to see them wanking their cocks again while she masturbates.

Then she lays on the bed, spreads her legs wide and says: “I want you two now to fuck me hard and long.”

Elizabeth Gets It Really Hard

She gets up in the cat position, puts on her favorite red fishnet top and one guy fucks her doggystyle while she sucks the other one’s cock.

Elizabeth has some more white wine and she wants more fun. She goes to the bathroom and realizes that the water is not running anymore. Strange? Maybe the staff did this on purpose, so they have again a reason to come to her room …  Well, since she wants another hard and long fuck she calls the lobby about the water problem. They tell her a guy would be with her in a minute. The way he behaves she’s sure he did it on purpose to be able to see her. She’s wearing a see-thru top, string and high heels and sees the big bulge in his trousers. No wonder, he keeps staring at her titts and ass instead of “repairing” the water problem.

She goes to the bedroom, calls the guy over and tells him to undress. She gives him a quick blowjob and then he fucks her just like she wants it, hard and long from behind. Her booty wobbles like crazy as he pounds her hard and she screams out of lust but is really happy afterwards.

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Elizabeth Carson Fishnet White HD

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Lust Machine Elizabeth

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