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Elizabeth Carson The Maiden

ELIZABETH CARSON – The French Maid – Part 1

Young fashion model Elizabeth got booked for a pantyhose shooting. She was posing when they asked her if she would do an extra roleplay shooting.

She put on the “French Maid” outfit and wondered why she was not given a string.

She put her hand on her pussy for the first picture.

They wanted to see her pussy because of her sexy piercing and she had to look to the camera.

Then they wanted her to change the stockings and make believe she was ironing.

They asked her if she would also pose with a male model. He was a big fan of her and she remembered him. They met once in a club and he had a crush on her. She could even see his big erection when they were dancing. He came over, grabbed her by the hips and pressed against her booty. She knew he was horny like hell.

They continued the shooting in the living room. Watch the SFW trailer:

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She had to suck his cock deep!

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French Maid Elizabeth Carson

French Maid Elizabeth Carson

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