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Francesca Felucci Garden Lounge Party

FRANCESCA FELUCCI – Garden Lounge Party

(This adventure is based on a true story)

Francesca was invited for a party at a friend’s garden lounge. It was a nice Sunday afternoon and drinks got served. Francesca was dressed in blue leggings, a shirt and blue high heels boots. When she walked all men’s eyes were on her. The leggings were ultratight and emphasized her cameltoes and booty.

After some drinks the atmosphere got relaxed and the guys asked her if they could take some photos of her. She knew of course what they wanted to see. “You like my cameltoes, I guess” she asked provocatively.

“And you probably would like me to show you my booty …”

“Maybe I should take off my shirt, what do you think?” The guys kept taking pictures like crazy.

Booty Time!

“And now? Do you want me to turn around?”

This was too much. The guys were getting wild and when Francesca started to touch her pussy some guys started to open their zippers …

What happened after is a secret. Would you like to invite Francesca to find out how much fun a party with her really can be …

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