Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Casting Secretary

ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Secretary

(This adventure is based on a true story)

Elizabeth got booked for a secretary shooting. She had to wear an elegant costume, stockings and high heels and act like a normal secretary in a normal office. The crew wanted her to show her long legs.

The shooting went well. Everybody was happy and Elizabeth was surprised when she was asked to spread her legs and show her string. They continued to take pictures and when they asked her to stick a finger into her pussy Elizabeth was quite irritated and did not know what to do. “We want you to do much more for us, Elizabeth. Just start to masturbate.” Elizabeth did as she was told.

After they went to another room and asked her to take her costume jacket off and lay on the bed, lift and spread her legs. Elizabeth was surprised when a male model sat on a chair next to her. “Show him your body, your legs, your titts and your pussy!”

Elizabeth was too confused to realize that she got tricked and when they asked her to lick and suck his cock she just did it.

She also sat on him and started to ride him.

And when they told him to fuck her hard and long doggystyle she played along very well and enjoyed it when his cum ended up on her butt.


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