Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - D&G Model


(This adventure is based on a true story)

One afternoon Elizabeth got a phone call from a model agency. They had a guy there who showed them an old photo and they were quite sure that it was Elizabeth. He wanted to book her and a photographer for a private shooting and the payment was great. They sent her the old photo by email.


Yes, that’s me some years ago in Miami for a D&G casting, she told them and therefore the private shooting got arranged and the guy invited her and the photographer to his hotel room. He explained her that he was looking for this model for years and now by accident he found her.

He said he wanted pictures and a video from this meeting. He wanted her to always wear the same D&G dress but no string and black high heels. First he adored her legs.

Then he wanted her to show him her booty.

The he took off his clothes and Elizabeth was confused. He wanted her to suck his cock and Elizabeth hesitated but she did it because he paid so much. She also let him fuck her doggystyle, his biggest wish. He really enjoyed it and he fucked her hard and long and came on her booty.

Elizabeth had the D&G dress on all the time

You are for sure not surprised that Elizabeth got the well paid D&G job.

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