ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Housewife

Elizabeth saw an ad for a casting “Attractive Older Housewife (40+) Wanted” for ” well-paid photos and videos productions”. She felt good about herself and decided to go. They wanted her to wear a baby pink costume, black stockings and high heels.
This adventrure “Casting Housewife” is based on a true story

They served her white wine and asked questions about age, experience and what she would would be willing to do.

When they asked her if she would pose topless, she hesitated and did not know what to answer.

She was asked to open the buttons of her costume top. She did not open all.

Then they wanted her to turn around move her skirt up. She could feel all eyes on her booty and this made her feel good.

Next she was asked to take off her costume, stand and show front and back.

Elizabeth had no problem to show her ass but when they asked her to turn around and put her hands on the hips she got nervous and proud at the same time. Her titts were made a few years ago and they looked great.

“We like your booty a lot and would like to take a lot of pictures.

She got now really horny because she knew that men liked her ass.
When they asked her to take the string off, she did it and showed them her sexy ass.

Additionally her pussy piercing was now fully visible and this she liked showing very much.

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Housewife - Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Housewife – Overview

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