ELIZABETH CARSON – Dance Elizabeth!

Elizabeth got booked for a fashion outdoor shooting “Cherry Blossom” and had to pose under a cherry tree in a red stringbody and high heels.
(This adventure “Dance Elizabeth” is based on a true story)

The crew was male only and they noticed that her nipples were erected and quite big and hard. At the end they asked her to let them take some pictures showing her titts. She was used to be topless in the fashion business and therefore said “yes”.

She felt good about herself and showed them more.

When they asked her if she had a pussy piercing she started to get really horny and moved the stringbody so her pussy was fully visible. She smiled because they wanted also to see her booty …    

The owner of the fashion brand also had a discotheque and he asked Elizabeth if she liked to dance because he needed a sexy topless dancer for tonight’s special show. He suggested that they should go inside she dance for them. Elizabeth said yes and they gave her jeans hotpants and high heels and turned on the music. Then they served her prosecco … and kept filling her glass. The guys and their cameras were ready and Elizabeth started to dance … and took off the hotpants …

Then they asked her if she would masturbate and use a dildo …

The guys were too horny. She had to give them all blowjobs.

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Elizabeth Carson Dance HD
Elizabeth Carson Dance HD

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Elizabeth Carson - Dance Elizabeth! Cherry Blossom Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Dance Elizabeth! Cherry Blossom Overview

The owner took Elizabeth then to his bedroom because he wanted to fuck her hard in missionary style. He wanted to look at her face while he penetrated her. This gave him the ultimate kick.
The camera guy recorded through the keyhole how he fucked her brains out…

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Elizabeth Carson - Dance for Us!
Elizabeth Carson – Dance for Us!

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