Fashion model Elizabeth got an invitation to Sardinia to model for high heels and later also entertain the guests of the shoe company owner.
This adventure “High Heels Games” is based on a true story

In the area of the villa they did many outdoor shootings. Elizabeth was wearing always very seductive outfits, e.g. a white fishnet top. The guys could see her tits and nipples clearly under the white fishnet top but they asked her to expose them fully anyways.

The guys got excited and wanted to see her booty. So she had to turn around when she was posing at the fence.

They wanted to see more of her ass …

When they returned to the garden of the villa Elizabeth realized that it was not anymore about modelling for high heels. The guys simply wanted to have fun with her. They wanted to see her sexy body and get turned on. When she turned around during posing she saw that two of the guys were already masturbating.

They asked her to take off her outfit and oil her body. She was now totally nude and they wanted her to stick the tongue out.  

She had to walk around the villa and talk dirty to them, like “Follow me and stare at my boobs and booty! Let me see your big ones!”

They then had to all take their cocks out so she should treat them with her high heels.

They got either punished …

or treated nicely.

It was up to her. What do you prefer?

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High Heels Walk

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High Heels Games

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Elizabeth Carson - High Heels Games Overview
Overview – Elizabeth Carson – High Heels Games
Elizabeth Carson - Oil
Elizabeth Carson – Oil
Elizabeth Carson - Fishnet White
Fishnet White with Elizabeth Carson
Elizabeth Carson - Stringbody Red 2
Stringbody Red 2 with Elizabeth Carson

Elizabeth is still horny.

She wants you!

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