Young fashion model Elizabeth Carson got booked for a sexy nurse roleplay. She has to wear white stockings and high heels boots. There are five guys sitting around a white canopy bed, three younger and two older ones. One of the younger men starts to explain to Elizabeth what they expect of her. First she should check one guy because he has erection problems.
This adventure “Erection Expert” is based on a true story.
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Erection Check

“We want you first to check him with the stethoscope and your hands.”
Elizabeth barely touches him and holds it just with her fingertips.

“As you can see he does not get hard. Move down closer and speak to him seductively that you want his cock to get hard, really hard.” Elizabeth bends down right above his cock and sticks her tongue out. One nipple is visible a little while she tells him to get hard, but nothing happens.

She is now a bit nervous and the guy continues to explain. Three of the guys have erection problems and therefore, Elizabeth has to pose as sexy as possible. Elizabeth is now more relaxed because she knows how to pose sexy. She shows her legs and booty first.

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

Then she stucks her tongue out and shows her titts. She sees that all guys have opened their zippers and are playing with their cocks.

“Please pose sideways and show us your sexy booty, Elizabeth.”
Her pussy is fully visible and she can see that two guys have already erections but the other three not.

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

“Please stick your booty out more!”
Elizabeth poses like they want.

“Well, as you can see, three of us still have no hard one. Please, lay down, lift one leg, show us your big pussy lips.”

“Play with your pussy and masturbate, Elizabeth till you have an orgasm!”

She is now very excited and comes fast but three guys still have no erection.

Softcore Erection Expert

“You will do now some softcore. It’s like having sex with clothes on. It’s just pretending, allright? So please lay on your back and lift both legs up. Hold yourself on the bed. He will grab your legs and make believe he is fucking you. You will lift your legs and look at him.”
The guy starts to move his muscular body and rubs his cock on her pussy. “Talk dirty to him! This will help, for sure.”

“So, you want to fuck me?” she says looking at him. “I want to feel your big cock deep inside me. I want you to give it to me hard and long.”

She closes her eyes and sticks her tongue out again. The guy is rubbing himself on her pussy but he is still not hard.

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

“I like licking pussy” he says and quickly lifts her up and starts to lick her. Elizabeth can’t protest. He is stronger and fast.

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

He gets a little harder but still not hard enough.
“Please make believe you get fucked hard from behind and that you really enjoy it.”
The guy keeps pushing his body hard on her and her booty starts to wobble nicely. It gets really intense and she’s acting quite well. Her glasses don’t stay on her nose. He uses all his power.

Hardcore Nurse Gets Them All Hard

“He is still not hard enough. Let him lick your titts.”

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

“He has a circumcised cock, as you can see. You must massage him really intensely.”
Elizabeth is now nervous. She looks at the cock in her hands.

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

“Just suck him, make him big and hard and look at us and the camera!”
What the hell, she thinks and puts him in her mouth. She is horny because she likes the guy, especially because of his muscular body.

Elizabeth Carson - Erection Expert Nurse

Nurse Elizabeth in Action

She gives him a long and deep blowjob. He licks her pussy again and then he gets really hard. All other guys are watching and wanking while they do some hot 69 and then he fucks her hard and long in all positions. She likes it so much that she takes his condom off at the end so he can fuck her better. And that’s exactly what he does. He is well built and strong and he simply fucks her brains out. Erection Expert Nurse Elizabeth is totally happy.

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