Francesca got booked for a shooting by two photographers in Cologne, Germany. She did not wear anything else than white leather overknees high heels boots.

Part 1 – Overknees White Photo Shooting

They took pictures all over the room. Francesca was posing at the window, at the leather chair and in the bed. A lot of pictures and videos were taken as you can see in the overview below and some were very explicit and super sexy.

You will really like these super sexy photos of Francesca posing

Francesca felt great in these white overknees boots. She was ready to show them all and that’s exactly why the photographers got very busy clicking their cameras 😉

Part 2 – Exposing Herself at the Window

Francesca moved to the window and posed there for a while showing her sexy curves.

A guy walking by on the street below noticed her at the window. You can imagine how surprised and happy he was to enjoy such a wonderful and totally unexpected show. Even better, Francesca waved to him to come up to her hotel room.

The guy crossed the street and was on his way up to the hotel room

Part 3 – Overknees White Masturbation

After he arrived Francesca told him to sit opposite of her. She started to touch her pussy.

She closed her eyes and began to masturbate in front of the guy and the two photographers.

Francesca spread her legs wide and had an orgasm. Then she stood up, walked to the bed, exposed her booty and told them stroke their hard cocks.

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