Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Casting Art Deco Black

ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Art Déco Black

High Heels Fetish Video and Photos with Ex-Fashion-Model Elizabeth Carson . She decided to go to a casting and had to pose in a black see-through bodysuit with open crotch and high heels.
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They wanted her to pose on a sofa first.

Please kneel on the sofa, Elizabeth!

Can you please bend down a little and stick your ass out, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth hesitated and said that her bodysuit had an open crotch. “Yes, we know and that is exactly what we need. You have to show us your pussy.” So it looked like she again experienced that older models have it difficult in the fashion business, even if they still look great. They have to simply do more to get the jobs and therefore she decided to do it.

Then they wanted her to turn around facing the wall and Elizabeth covered her ass and pussy.

Please sit on the sofa, put your hand on your knees, look to the camera and spread your legs wide.
Elizabeth wanted to get the job and was ready to show her pussy again.

Lean back, lift one leg up and stick a finger in your mouth and then play with your pussy.

Now we want you to show us and the guy you will work after with your pussy. Spread your legs wide and look to the camera.

You have nice big pussy lips and we love your piercing. Have some champagne first and then stand up and dance for us while showing your booty to him.

Sit on him, Liz and let him play with your pussy before you turn around and suck his cock!

Turn sideways and show us your pussy again and then let him play.

Finally we want you to kneel and suck him till he cums in your mouth, Elizabeth!

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Art Deco Black Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Art Deco Black Overview

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