ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Art Déco White

Casting Art Déco White – Ex-Fashion-Model Elizabeth Carson decided to go to a casting. She had to pose first in a black outfit and then here in a short white dress and high heels.
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They wanted her to pose on a sofa first. “Please show us your legs on the sofa, Elizabeth!”

“Can you please spread your legs and show us all, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth hesitated first but then she was actually proud to show them her pierced pussy.

Then they wanted her play with her pussy.

Please turn around and show us your booty.
Elizabeth wanted to get the job and was ready to show her pussy again.

Now go down and give the guy a nice blowjob and then show him your pussy!  

Now we want you to sit on him and ride him before he fucks you hard from behind!

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Elizabeth Carson Casting Art Deco White Overview
Elizabeth Carson Casting Art Deco White Overview

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