Sexy High Heels


Francesca gets an invitation to Sardinia. A wine and liquor business owner wants her to be in a shooting for his new “Limoncello” promotion. He has also something more in mind but decided not to talk about it before.

Since sexy photos will be made Francesca is a good choice and she has no problem to wear yellow high heels only. She is told to lay on a sun chair out in the garden of the phantastic villa high on a mountain and close her eyes. Lemon slices are put on her titts and the bottle is placed between her legs.

She is told to drink some Limoncello and then close her eyes again. Close-ups of her face and titts are being made.

Then they want her to be seductive and stick the tongue out …

… and spread her legs wide.

The lemon slices are removed and she has to drink more before she has to lay down again but this time holding the bottle above her pussy, again with legs spread wide.

The lemon slices are again on her titts and she has to drink more and stick her tongue out again.

Francesca knows that the crew is all excited. They keep looking at her sexy body, especially her pussy. She is told to sit up, drink more and show them her pussy with her tongue out. They want her to play with herself and show her big clitoris.

Everybody on the set is now excited and they tell her to turn around and show her sexy booty. When she peeks back she can see that two guys are already masturbating. She’s told to stick her tongue out and expose her ass more and then close her eyes …


Can you imagine what happens next?

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