Liquid Latex Party

Elizabeth has invited some VIP members for a Liquid Latex Party. She has a sexy outfit painted on her body and is holding on to a black chair. She looks to the group of VIP members.

“Let me first show you my booty. I want you all to get comfortable and play with your dicks while you enjoy the view of my body.”

“Now I’m goingt to show you my pussy. You can examine every inch of it. Do you like my big pussy lips?”

“And now it gets even better. I let one of you use the huge dildo inside me. Who wants to be the lucky one?”

“There is more excitement coming for you. One of you can now take the liquid latex off my body and another one will use the really big dildo in my hot and wet pussy.”

“And for the absolute climax I turn around and let each one of you use the huge dildo in my pussy from behind while you are all wanking your cocks and then finally all cum on my booty.”

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