Disco Marina

Francesca Felucci is in Italy. She’s having a good time and is dressed in 80s look for the Disco Marina tonight.
Francesca’s leaning over the railing and looking back at a black guy who keeps staring at her for a long time already.

She’s smiling at him while she opens the zipper of her pink top.

He asks her “are you also cuming to the disco marina tonight?”
Francesca says “of course, I will be performing a pole dance.”

Disco Marina with BBC

Some hours later after her performance the black guy approaches her again and asks her to cum to his room. Francesca says “okay, just let me first change my outfit. I wanna wear a mini skirt with stockings for you.”

She plays with his huge cock using her stockinged legs and feet.

Then Francesca is sucking him and making him even bigger.

She’s too horny and has to masturbate. He can’t wait much longer to unload himself.

“Fuck me really hard like a lion now!”

He grabs with one hand her titt and with the other her hip and fucks her hard as she requested. She lets him cum on her booty. Francesca is now satisfied.



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