Corset Stockings Art Déco

Corset Stockings Art Déco – Elizabeth ist booked for an interiour architecture shooting. The outfit iss provided by the two young designers. She has to wear a corset, gloves, stockings and high heels.
They offer her prosecco at the end of the shooting and ask if she lets them take some extra pictures and videos. They want her to take her string off and pose on the chaise-longue.
This adventure is based on a true story.
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Elizabeth Carson - Corset Stockings Art Déco

Elizabeth notices how excited they both are. When they want her to show her booty and pussy she knows how this will end up because she has had shootings in this special apartment before. Maybe these two designers had contact with one of the other shooting crews. Elizabeth is laying on the chaise-longue and looks back at them.

Elizabeth Carson - Corset Stockings Art Déco

One guy already has his shirt off. The other one has a huge erection and is hectic and nervous trying to take a video.

Elizabeth Carson - Corset Stockings Art Déco

She has to first give blowjobs … and look to the camera.

… and then she gets fucked hard from behind on the chaise-longue.

They liked especially hard doggystyle!

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Elizabeth Carson Casting Art Deco White

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