Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Lady Bitch


(This adventure is based on a true story) 

At the end of a fashion shooting with a fake fur coat the owner of the fashion company came in the studio and asked Elizabeth if she would do some more photos and video just for him and his assistant. She just finished her espresso and was still wearing the coat.

When she saw the money he offered she agreed. He was one of her best customers anyways. So she moved the coat and her legs and booty were fully visible and asked if he meant something like this. She moved further so they could see her booty even better.

The owner suggested that she poses without the coat.

They seemed to like it and the assistant brought a drink for her.

Then the owner confessed that he and his assistant had often been talking about how it would be to fuck her. She was surprised and shocked. He told her how much he wanted to fuck her with her legs over his shoulders. Elizabeth was speechless. The assistant brought her a little mirror with a lot of lines. When she saw it she smiled and said that she’s surprised they still remembered how much she liked it. Elizabeth took 4 lines, had another sip of the strong drink, leaned back a little, spread her legs wide and said “OK. I’m ready.”

The owner wanted her to change from “lady” to “bitch”. He gave her ultra high heels and asked her to take her jewelry, gloves and stockings off. He undressed and Elizabeth took his big cock and started to suck him.

Elizabeth gave him a nice blowjob while the assistant was watching and filming

Then the owner said: “So you bitch, now you’re getting fucked really hard and deep with your legs over my shoulders.”

He started to penetrate her and he was getting harder and harder. Elizabeth was really glad that she took the lines. He fucked her like a maniac and she was screaming full of pain and lust.

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