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Francesca Felucci Garden Lounge Party 2

FRANCESCA FELUCCI – Garden Lounge Party (2)

(This adventure is based on a true story)

Francesca was at a party last Sunday and it was such a success that she got invited again but this time officially as sexy “celebrity”. They wanted her to wear again leggings, high heels and not much more. The guest list this time was longer. Many more guys wanted to see Francesca. Apérol Spritz got served. Francesca was sitting on the lounge sofa waiting for all guys to come out. She was already sipping on her drink and she liked it a lot.

When the guests came out she covered her boobs and it was no surprise that the guys were happy about her special top and her cameltoes.

Then she started her “show” by moving her hands and making more boobs visible. She took her time and looked at all the guys.

She opened her mouth and made her tongue visible while moving the glass and exposing one boob and she took another sip.

She looked at the guys and asked if they wanted to see her booty. She did not have to wait long for the answer.

Some guys were getting excited and you could see huge bulges in their short, jeans and trousers. When she went down in the doggystyle position the party really started.

What happened after remains a secret between Francesca and the guests…



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