Sexy High Heels

ELIZABETH CARSON – From Fashion to Fetish Hardcore

Fashion Model Elizabeth Carson

was interested in a fetish shooting.

She came in elegant lingerie and was told to sit down in a chair and wait for the crew to get ready.

We first need to see your booty. Please turn around and show it to us.

You must also absolutely be willing to show your naked body. Do you have a problem with this? Lean back and lift your legs.

Ok. so far so good. Let’s do a shooting outdoor with a hot fetish outfit.

Elizabeth put the latex corset and stockings on and started to pose. “We like your pierced pussy. Can you show it to us now?

Most important is your booty. You will have to turn on the two guys and they like doggystyle the most. Show us your sexy ass, Liz!

Are you ready for some fetish hardcore now?

Let’s go back inside. You put on the red corset and get in the doggystyle position on the bed with the two guys.

Let’s start right away with hot fetish hardcore action! Are you ready, Liz?

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