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Elizabeth Carson - Latex in the Kitchen

ELIZABETH CARSON – Latex in the Kitchen

Elizabeth Carson got asked if she would do a latex shooting in her kitchen, like some kind of fetish home story. She agreed and was waiting for the crew. They brought her an open-ass latex skirt, gloves, high heels and a too small clear latex bra. She was not really happy because her titts would not fit in the bra and her nipples were visible. The crew did this of course on purpose. They wanted to see her big nipples.

Elizabeth was also not suprised that they wanted her to turn around. As usual she thought “they want to enjoy my sexy round booty”.

They wanted her to act as if she was really cooking something and they took a lot of photos of her from behind.

Elizabeth saw that they were all quite excited already. The bulges in their pants proved it. She said she wanted to see their cocks.

She turned around and said she wanted them to wank their cocks while they enjoyed her booty again.

And now I wanna see you cum!

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