ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Lingerie Black

Ex-fashion-model Elizabeth Carson was asked at a party if she needs males actors for her video productions. The two guys saw her dancing dressed in a jacket, black lingerie and high heels.
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Lingerie Black is based on true stories.
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Elizabeth is interested and invites them for a casting. She’s wearing the same outfit as at the party just with an additional white shirt. Elizabeth is sitting in the comfortable leather couch and asks the guys why they want to be in a porn movie. She has the shirt wide open showes off also her long stockinged legs.

The photographer and the video guy are ready and she asks: Do you have any experience, have you already been in a porn production?“. They answer “We have made some private movies but otherwise not.” She spreads arms and legs and looks at them for a while.

Then she gets up, takes her jacket off, turns around and shows them her booty “I think, you just wanna have fun with me. You like my booty and you want a free fuck, right?”

She is proud of her ass and knows how much they like it.

Elizabeth spread her legs wide and showed them her pierced pussy.
“I have big pussy lips and I hope you have big cocks.”

Watch the trailer below to give you an idea what followed.

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Elizabeth Carson Casting Lingerie Black HD

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Casting Lingerie Black - Elizabeth Carson

Below is a white lingerie casting with her!

Elizabeth Carson Casting Lingerie White

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