High Heels Fetish Videos and Photos with Elizabeth Carson and Andreea B.. They’re in a real office acting as secretaries and are more interested in themselves than office work. These videos and the photos were produced in Switzerland.
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Andreea is here for an “interview”
Elizabeth is asking questions
Elizabeth getting turned on when Andreea shows her sexy body
And soon they start playing with each other
Smoking and playing with nipples
The secretaries in stockings getting really hot
Kissing and touching and getting excited

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Elizabeth Carson – Andreea B. – Secretaries Overview
Elizabeth is getting a phone call. What do they want from her?

Elizabeth had to put her costume back on for her next “job”

Elizabeth listening to the instructions for the next part

“Elizabeth, we want you to go to the other room now. There is a guy waiting for you. You lay on the bed, show your legs, titts and pussy. Turn the guy on!”

And she’s doing what they told her

But they want much more from her!

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Elizabeth Carson – Secretary Action Overview

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