ELIZABETH CARSON Amalfi Fishnet White

Elizabeth is going through all her outfits which are all over the bed. She puts on a white fishnet top and a white string. She feels like Prosecco and orders room service. When the guy arrives they smalltalk while he opens the bottle. She keeps going through her outfits and makes sure he could see her body, especially the booty and his eyes were right there.
Elizabeth Carson Amalfi Fishnet White adventure is based on a real story.
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When he pours her a glass she can see the big bulge in his trousers. She smiles at him an asks if he would like to enjoy some posing.

He does not know what to say first but then says he has to go first back to the reception and would come back. Five minutes later he’s back and Elizabeth is posing for him below the light. She has her eyes closed but can feel his eyes on her titts.

Next she showes him her booty and she also makes sure he could see her big boobs and hard nipples.

Elizabeth wants more

He’s speechless when she turns around and asks him to get his cock out.

She lifts her fishnet top and looks at him.

Elizabeth takes off her top and takes his cock and starts wanking him.

Elizabeth lets him come closer and suck on her titts. This all makes him cum really fast.
They agree that he would visit her again later.

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Elizabeth looks at his clearly visible erection …

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