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Elizabeth Carson Showtime II Featured


High Heels Fetish Videos and Photos with Elizabeth Carson (Part 2). She got invited to a private party to entertain the men in various outfits and of course high heels. These videos and the photos were produced in Switzerland.
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In the first part she performed together with Andreea B. Watch the trailer of Part 1:

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When the men got very horny they demanded “real action” and the girls were not sure what they meant and asked what kind of “real action”?
The answer was “Our cocks are already hard and ready for you…”

Andreea smiled, looked down to Elizabeth and said: “This is something for you, right?”

Elizabeth changed her outfit and said: “Ok – Showtime! How do you like my new outfit, guys?”

We wanna see your titts!
Take your top off!
We want much more, Elizabeth!
Put the silver stringbody on!
Show us your ass, baby!
Can you see our cocks, Liz?
We want the real action NOW!
Open his trousers, Liz!
He is BIG and ready for you.

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Elizabeth Carson Showtime 2 Overview 1
Elizabeth Carson Showtime 2 Overview 1
Suck his cock now, Elizabeth!

… and then there are more guys waiting for you, Elizabeth!

We all want you !
Give us all good blowjobs before we fuck you hard and long, Elizabeth!

You like to get it hard and long doggystyle, don’t you?

Sexy High Heels Video with Elizabeth Carson in action wearing a silver stringbody and high heels. This video was produced in Zurich, Switzerland. Watch the trailer:

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Elizabeth Carson Casting HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting HD

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Elizabeth Carson Showtime 2 Overview 2
Elizabeth Carson Showtime 2 Overview 2

… and at the end we have the BLACK MONSTER for you!

He wants you so badly!
Suck him nicely before he will fuck your brains out!



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Elizabeth gets it very hard and long from him!

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