Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson Wicked Weasel


Elizabeth Carson got booked for a bikini shooting in Zurich. They wanted an older model with a sexy body for this special shooting not with just a bikini, no, with one of  the tiniest on the market from “Wicked Weasel”. She started to pose standing with one leg on a chair.
Elizabeth Carson - Wicked Weasel 0_0563_r

The photographer and his crew realized immediately what a great body Elizabeth still had and they wanted to see her booty. They asked her to hold her glass with prosecco and turn around.
Elizabeth Carson - Wicked Weasel_0527_rr

They wanted to see more and told her to bend a little forward.

This bikini really does not hide much, does it?

Then they wanted her to drink more prosecco and play with the ice cubes on her nipples.
Elizabeth Carson - Wicked Weasel_0541_rr

But actually they wanted to see her booty again and she had to go down and really do a seductive booty posing.


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Elizabeth gets turned on exposing her booty!

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