Cooling Needed is about Elizabeth Carson having another shooting outdoors with a paying spectator. The two previous shootings you can see here and here. This time it got very hot and she needed cooling but also the spectators of this hot shooting. They brougt her a fan and she started to pose with it. She was wearing a black corset and high heels only. Her titts, booty and pussy were fully exposed.

Elizabeth Carson Cooling Needed

The spectator was a booty fetishist and therefore Elizabeth had to show him her big round booty a lot. He liked her big pussy lips and her pussy piercing. She kept looking at him. He started to play with himself.

Elizabeth Carson Cooling Needed

He wanted her to turn around more and he came closer … and then he finally came. Elizabeth smiled.

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Elizabeth Carson Cooling Needed

Have a look at the two previous shootings for the spectators.

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