Leather Fashion Fetish

Young fashion model Elizabeth Carson is booked by a leather company for a shooting with a black leather jacket and leather overknees boots. She’s wearing a tiny orange Wicked Weasel bikini under her leather outfit. The shooting takes place outdoors at a cool location with an unused steel construction.
The Leather Fashion Fetish adventure is based on a true story.

Elizabeth is posing on a steel ladder and the photographer has to take a lot of pictures. The boss of the leather company is giving him instructions what to shoot.

“We want you to climb up the ladder, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth has to pose very often showing her long legs and sexy booty. Once she looks back over her shoulder …

… and she can see how the boss tries to hide his erection in his trousers. It is difficult because his cock is huge and hard as a rock. “He must be a leather and booty fetishist” thinks Elizabeth.

“Can you please spread your legs as wide as possible, Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth can now see the boss very well and he seems not to hide his erection anymore. It even looks as if he’s wanking. She decides to really turn him on by sticking her tongue out.

She wants to seduce him even more by moving her bikini tip to show her hard nipples. Elizabeth again has her tongue out and you probably can imagine what this does to the boss.

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