Blue Bikini Shooting

Young Elizabeth Carson is booked for a bikini fashion shooting in Sardinia.
The Blue Bikini Shooting adventure is based on a true story.

Elizabeth is posing at the beach and the photographer is taking pictures for the bikini fashion catalogue. All photos are SFW and the shooting is done in a few minutes.

Elizabeth is asked to pose some more after the shooting. She should show her booty for the crew.

And then, when she has to bend down, it happens … as usual … the question Elizabeth has heard many times already in her fashion career.

“Can we take some more photos? We really would like to see much more of you? What do you think, Elizabeth?”

She looks back and asks: “You want to see my hard nipples and my pussy piercing, right?”

“Exactly, Liz. Can we book you again in about 3 weeks?”

3 Weeks Later

Elizabeth is posing for the crew again. She is now really tanned and has a Bo Derek hairstyle.

“Enjoy my hard nipples. Take as many photos as you want. Let me spread my legs for you.”

“And here we go, my hard nipples AND my pussy piercing. Do you like my big pussy lips? Do I turn you on, guys?”

“You look as if you want something more. Am I right?”

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