Aren’t we all voyeurs? Well, it probably is only a question of intensitiy of our voyeurism. Some like to look at a woman without her knowing it but is this really possible. Doesn’t a woman feel the eyes? How about making a test with an attractive MILF type blonde model during a photo shooting?
(This adventure is based on a true story.)

Our model is ready for the shooting in the bathroom with blue lights. The glass door to the next room is partly open and behind the photographer a real voyeur is sitting in the dark. He is already very excited. He likes this model because of the tatoos on her sexy body and he loves her big boobs.

She is removing the upper part of her outfit and her titts are now fully exposed. There is a special atmosphere, kind of a soft tension. She looks in the mirror and asks the photographer the question he sort of expected. He is nodding.

The model reacts like the photographer expected. She likes to show her body and is playing along. Standing sideways she is talking … but actually not to the photographer.”

Voyeuristic Excitement

This shooting could not have been better. She is the perfect model for this voyeurism test. Her breast, pussy and tatoo are now visible and she is ready for more. She can hear the voyeur back in the dark breathing heavily.

The model is taking her outfit off and is now standing naked and sideways with the glass door between her booty cheeks. The voyeur does not hear her question anymore. He is in his glory and busy with himself but he does not take his eyes away from her. It seems like she is looking straight at him now.

The model is enjoying the situation. She is standing behind the glassdoor She hears the guy wanking hard and knows he is about to explode when she starts to open the door and talking to him.

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