Capo Testa Stella

Stella van Gent has the longest legs in Business. She has a shooting in Capo Testa, so we call it “Capo Testa Stella”. She is wearing a red fishnet top and high heels only. Her big and hard nipples are very well visible under her red fishnet top. She does not wear anything else and this makes her pussy piercing shining in the sun.

She notices a guy hiding behind the rocks. He keeps looking at her. She gets a little upset but also turned on at the same time. Stella spreads her legs some more to make her wonderful piercing fully visible.

The photographers make fun about it and she has to laugh. Yes, take it easy and enjoy life, especially at such a wondeful location!

The last pose is special. She is sitting on a rock and again, the piercing is of course visible. Stella spreads her legs and keeps looking at the guy who is wanking his cock hard behind the rock.

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Below is another hot adventure with Stella van Gent! It took place in one of the coolest locations I ever worked in Germany.

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