Ultratight Leggings (3 Videos)

It can’t get any tighter …

Three videos with Stella van Gent and Francesca Felucci in ultratight leggings.

Video 1 – Red & Black

Ultratight leggings in every day life and in special shootings.
The red and black leggings were sponsored by sleekcheek.com(Duration 07:43)
Music: bensound.com
(Duration 07:43)

Video 2 – Yellow & Black

Ultratight leggings worn by Francesca Felucci in wonderful locations in Sardinia.
The yellow and black booty leggings were sponsored by sleekcheek.com
Music: bensound.com
(Duration 10:22)

Video 3 – Ultratight and Whip

Enjoy Francesca in ultratight booty leggings posing and performing with a whip in a special location.
These black booty leggings were sponsored by sleekcheek.com.
Music by Reinhard Pöhnl
(Duration 09:08)

Enjoy the “Ultratight Leggings” trailer and purchase all 3 videos below