Francesca Felucci – Halloween Party

This booking was special. Francesca Felucci got invited as the main attraction for a Halloween Party of a bunch of guys. She was wearing black leather overknees boots, a black fishnet body and a black corsage. The party took place in a private apartment and Francesca was told to pose on a low table on wheels. Vodka and other drinks got served and Francesca’s show started. The guys were standing around her.

One guy brought some of porn magazines and told Francesca to look at them.

She had to look at photos of big cocks and women …

… and masturbate in front of all the guys.

Then she had to pose in the doggystyle position. The guys were standing in the dark and one told her “Now you will massage and suck our cocks and make them really big and hard but we will first have to make sure you can’t see us at all.”

Halloween Party Getting Intense

It was very dark in the room and Francesca could hardly see the guys. One guy put black goggles on her and now she could not see anything anymore.

All guys came closer and were now all standing right in front of her. She was not sure how many cocks she massaged but they were for sure all big and hard also thanks to her intense blow jobs.

After she had to lay back and spread her legs wide. She had some more Vodka.

“You can’t see us but you will feel us, for sure, Francesca. We want to look at you and enjoy the view of your body. You know what will happen next. So, turn around and make your booty ready for us!”

She stopped counting how many guys gave it to her hard and long from behind …

Francesca was exhausted but also very much turned on. Her pussy was hot and wet and her nipples were very big and hard. It was very intense but she also had a lot of fun and said “yes” to the next Halloween party booking.

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