ELIZABETH CARSON – Sexy Dominance Levels

A VIP member of Elizabeth wanted to watch a photo shooting. She told him to first surprise her with a complete leather outfit. She would then introduce her 20 sexy dominance levels to him. He did as she ordered him and bought all in black leather: boots, mini skirt, gloves, hat, chain top, open-breast top and a SEXY chains-belt.

This adventure is based on a true story.
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She lets him watch the shooting from the very back of the studio.

At the end he asks if he could be in the pictures with her. She says yes but he must follow her instructions carfully. She shows him her Sexy Dominance Levels.

  • 01 = Looking at Exposed Boobs
  • 02 = Looking at Exposed Pussy
  • 03 = Holding Hips
  • 04 = Touching Covered Booty
  • 05 = Touching Covered Breasts
  • 06 = Touching/Spanking Exposed Booty
  • 07 = Touching Exposed Breasts
  • 08 = Lap Dance Booty
  • 09 = Lap Dance Pussy
  • 10 = Touching Pussy
  • 11 = Licking Nipples
  • 12 = Massaging Cock
  • 13 = Licking/Kicking Cock/Balls
  • 14 = Sucking Cock/Balls
  • 15 = Licking Pussy/Ass
  • 16 = Fucking Missionary/Riding
  • 17 = Fucking Legs Over Shoulders
  • 18 = Fucking Doggystyle
  • 19 = Cuming on Breasts/Booty
  • 20 = Cuming on Face

For every level he has to put a fixed amount of money on the table and for him it is possible to go up to Level 14 only at this time. He agrees and sits down on the chair as she’s told him. Elizabeth changes her top and puts on the hat. She coveres her breast with the gloves, comes closer and asks him if he wants to look at her tits.

Level 1 of Sexy Dominance

When he says “yes” she smiles and says “You have reached level 1, you know what you have to do” and he puts down the first money. “Good boy, put your hands down and look at my tits” and she puts one foot between his legs and kicks his cock a few times.

You are getting hard and big, good boy. Can you see how big my nipples are already? I come now very close to you, but there is no touching!

Level 2

Do you want to move to the next level and look at my pussy? You know what you have to do” and after he puts more money down she tells him to go on his knees, grabs him by the hair and puts one leg up.

Look at my big pussy lips. I’m sure you like my piercing. Can you imagine how great it feels rubbing it on a big hard cock? I am horny now and want to rub my pussy on your back.”

Elizabeth sits on his back. She moves her hips fast and hard. Therefore, she’s able to rub her clit and have a first orgasm. After she gets on his shoulders, holds his head and asks him if he wants to touch her boobs and booty.

She sits on his lap and lets him touch her exposed breasts (Level 7).

Level 8

He puts down more money and she lifts her skirt slowly. She can feel his hard cock and starts to rub her booty on him.

She turns around. Thanks to that, she can do what she likes. Rubbing her pussy on his cock gives her lots of pleasure. Elizabeth tells him to touch her booty. She likes feeling his hands on her buttocks while moving her body and using her muscles. It makes her feel good.

Level 10

“Would you like to reach the next level and touch my hot pussy?

Level 11

“Would you like to go to level 11 and lick my hard nipples?

Levels 12 – 14

“You were a very goody boy because you followed my instructions. You have reached level 12 and this qualifies you now for me massaging your BIG one.”

While she’s stroking his cock she looks him in the eyes and says “I know, you want me to lick your cock. I will do that and give you then a nice and intense blowjob. It’s time for you to cum but you are not allowed to fuck me yet. This you can do maybe another time because you must train the levels more.”

He was already extremely excited. Therefore, her blowjob lasted only a few seconds.

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