ELIZABETH CARSON – Halloween Party

Halloween Party – Elizabeth got a black envelope with an invitation for a Halloween party in Switzerland. She was told to wear all black – mini skirt, stockings, high heels and very strong make-up.
When she entered the room she could almost see nothing. There was red light only and some candles. She heard some male voices but she could not see anybody. A deep voice told her to stand next to the candles and a guy dressed all in black brought her a glass filled with Vodka. “Drink it all at once ” the voice commanded and Elizabeth obeyed.

This adventure is based on a true story.
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Then the deep voice said she must take off her top and skirt. Elizabeth started to undress and was then wearing stockings only.

Who is in the Dark Room?

Elizabeth got used to the very low light and could see a little more. There were about 10 guys in this pitch black room. After a while another guy came over with a black mirror and put it on the small table in front of her. Thanks to the candle light she could see six lines on it. The deep voice told her to take them all and she asked “Do you want me really to take them all?” “Yes” was the answer and she leaned forward and did as she was told.

She was then told to stand up and pose just in her stockings. A guy brought her a second glass of Vodka and said “Drink it!”. Elizabeth did again what she was ordered to do. She felt the lines now very strong and the Vodka gave an extra kick.

The deep voice told Elizabeth to get on the floor in the cat position. Elizabeth moved down and looked around while all men came closer. They finally stood in a circle around her.

Turn around and show us your booty!

Elizabeth saw all 10 men taking off their trousers and she knew what was going to happen. Some had erections already and they all started wanking their hard cocks ….

All ten men then gave it to her hard from behind – no wonder, because most of them were proud members of to the Booty Lovers Club.

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