ELIZABETH CARSON – Yellow Dress Seduction

Yellow Dress Seduction – A fashion company booked Elizabeth for a hat shooting in Switzerland. At the end the owner asked her if she would do some private photos with him on the balcony. Elizabeth agreed and after everybody left she sat down opposite of him.

This adventure is based on a true story.
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She had no underwear and therefore he could see her pussy piercing when he asked her to take off her hat.

He wanted her to show him her titts. Elizabeth was already quite turned on and she noticed that he was getting quite big while taking pictures of her.

Elizabeth looked straight at him when he said “Can you please show me your nipples?”

“Please spread your legs and play with your hard nipples” he asked her and she knew what would follow.

He opened his zipper and took his hard cock out and started wanking in front of her. “Is your pussy wet already?” he asked.

He went quickly inside and brought a cold bottle of Prosecco and asked her to drink directly from the bottle. “Imagine it is my cock in your mouth.”

“And now please turn around and show me your booty, Elizabeth!”

He came closer and was wanking harder.

What did Elizabeth see and what happened after?

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