Key West Babe – A boutique and jewelry store booked Elizabeth for a shooting in the Florida Keys. She had to wear a special beige suede outfit and lots of jewelry and pose in front of the boutique.

This adventure is based on a true story.
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Then the owner suggested that they do some more revealing pics in a park nearby and Elizabeth agreed because she realized how much he was turned on already and he had no problem with a generous extra fee.

She started posing and heard the owner talking to the photographer.

“Can you please show me your nipples?” the owner asked her and she was a bit surprised but did as he wanted.

“Please spread your legs and show me your pussy” he asked her and she knew that he would be happy to see her big pussy lips and the piercing.

Then he wanted her to masturbate.

She could see his huge erection when he suggested to have a drink.

What happened after is quite special. He wanted Elizabeth to spy through a whole and asked if she would join the action inside.

What did Elizabeth see and did she agree?

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Elizabeth is also a Latex Babe!

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Babe

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