Elizabeth Carson – Real Life – Elizabeth liked especially one a guy of a group she did severals shootings for. At the end she made him and his friend stay for a drink.

She was wearing a costume, stockings and high heels. After the first glass she took off her costume top and smiled at them when the other guy asked her if he could take pictures. He was not a photographer and it was just for private use. She agreed and started to take off her skirt slowly.

She then took off his trousers and went down on him.

They moved over to the sofa. She took off her bra and then also her string.

Can you imagine what followed? Elizabeth was so horny that she started kissing the guy. She sucked him and he licked her pussy and she then presented her booty to him and asked him to fuck her hard from behind right there on the living room floor. The other guy had a hard time taking photos because of all this hot action.

They all went to the bedroom and you can imagine what happened there…

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Below you can click for another real life adventure with Elizabeth, this time in wonderful Amalfi!

Elizabeth Carson Amalfi Adventure
Elizabeth Carson Amalfi Adventure

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