Elizabeth got booked for many shootings. This is a summary of fashion shootings in a black studio.

Almost always the shootings started normal and at the end she got asked “Elizabeth would you do some more photos for us?”

The first example was a shooting with leggings.

That owner of the fashion company got turned on by seeing her nipples under her top and asked if she would do some topless photos for him.

And then he wanted more … and Elizabeth watched him how he was wanking hard while she showed him her booty and pussy piercing.

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The second example was a shooting for pantyhose and sweaters. Elizabeth was then quite skinny and that’s what the boss of the fashion company wanted.

He liked seeing her hard nipples under the sweater but he also knew that she had a pussy piercing. So he asked if she would show it to him.

He got hard immediately and when he wanted more Elizabeth said “yes.”

The third example is a shooting for a lingerie company where Elizabeth was in black stockings and black stringbody. At the end she knew what was coming …

… and she showed them her titts.

Then they wanted to see her booty …

… and she ended up laying down and looking at three horny guys who got undressed fast and …

The fourth and last example was for a shoe company. Elizabeth had to pose in sexy jeans overknees boots.

She had to open the jacket fully and expose her breasts.

What followed is too hot to show here …

She had to present her booty to them. They all had some drinks and lines and a crazy and hot party started…

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