Elizabeth Carson – Old Fashioned – Young fashion model Elizabeth got booked for a shooting. She had to pose in elegant outfits in an old fashioned styled room. The crew was very happy and when they finished the shooting they asked her if she would be willing to do some fun pictures, of course for extra money.
(This adventure is based on a true story)

They served her a glass of whiskey and gave her a cigar.

They asked her to take off her white skirt and pantyhose and pose sexy on an old sofa. Elizabeth showed her long legs and wondered what would happen next.

They wanted her to move her top down so they could see her titts. Her nipples were big and hard and she had a great feeling when she lifted her leg. She could see that the guys were also happy.

They asked her to stand with legs wide spread and showing them her booty. She moved her string a little so they could see her pussy piercing.

Then they wanted her to sit with wide spread legs.

“Please take off all your clothes and pose on the sideboard.”

“Now lay on the bed, spread your legs again, close your eyes and play with your pussy!”

When she opened her eyes again she saw that they had their cocks out and were wanking like crazy.

What followed was a wild sex party. The three guys fucked her hard and long in all positions on the bed and on the floor.

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