Sexy High Heels

ELIZABETH CARSON – Design & Black Latex

(This adventure is based on a true story) 

Young Elizabeth got booked for a shooting by an interiour architect. All she had to wear was a black latex bra and skirt and ultra high black high heels. She had to pose next to a round bathtub. The architect asked her to take the bra off.

When he asked her to turn around she hesitated.

When he wanted her to lay in the filled tub she thought he’s crazy but did it anyways.

Next he wanted her to take her high heels off, stand in the shower and let the water go down her back.

Elizabeth noticed that the architect was nervous and had a huge bulge in his trousers. He asked her to turn around, lift her skirt and shower her pussy. “Hmm”, she thought, “what should I do? Well, let’s do it for him.”

The water felt great on her pussy and she got turned on. When he asked her to sit down, spread her legs wide and masturbate with the water she saw him opening his trousers.

He had his cock out and was wanking like crazy. She had two orgasms right after each other and turned the water off. He got undressed and told her to put on a black latex dress and black high heels and walk over to the bed. She was sitting at the bed when he came over with a huge erection and asked to turn around and rub her ass on his cock.

“And now I’m gonna fuck you doggystyle, Liz!”

Yes, fuck me!!

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She really got it hard and long and had to take her latex dress off and shower again.

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