Sexy High Heels

FRANCESCA FELUCCI – Amateur Shooting Fitness

Young Francesca got booked by a bodybuilder and amateur photographer for a fitness shooting. He gave her black fishnet lingerie and black high heels boots.

He wanted her to pose with some of his fitness equipment.

Francesca soon got the impression that he was more interested in her body than fitness in general.

Francesca was not surprised when he asked her to pose standing and show him her booty.

He gave her compliments and wanted to see her titts. She hesitated first but then lifted her top.

Then he asked her if she would show and do even more for him. He wanted her to touch her pussy. She kept smiling and posed as he wanted.

Then he asked her to tighten her hair, take off her boots and jeans hotpants and come over to the stool. She thought “why not” and took her hotpants off when she noticed that he took off all his clothes. He then said: “Look what I have here for you, Francesca. Don’t you want to have him in your mouth?” and he grabbed her head and thrust his cock deep in her mouth.

She could not protest because he held her head and started fucking her mouth like a maniac.

She had no chance as he continued to fuck her mouth in different positions.

You can imagine what followed…
He fucked her pussy hard and long in all positions. He was very powerful and she had no chance at the end to prevent him from cuming all over her face.

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