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ELIZABETH CARSON – Lingerie Shooting

(This adventure is based on a true story) 

Elizabeth got booked for a lingerie shooting. It took place in an empty apartment. She had to pose mostly with closed eyes in a special lingerie combination all in black. They wanted the pictures to have a romantic touch.

When the official shooting was over they asked her if she would do some more revealing photos. A guy was willing to pay her extra money if he could watch the shooting. She was first sceptical but then agreed.

When the guy arrived he explained her that he was a big fan of her and especially her booty. He wanted her to turn around because he knew that the string would allow to see almost all of her sexy ass and pussy.

He asked her to bend over and really show her booty to him.

The guy got almost immediately a hard erection and he asked her to go down and masturbate for him.

Then he asked her to to in the cat position and he took his big and hard cock out.

What followed you can imagine and you can enjoy all photos as a member and the video as a VIP member !

At the very end he wanted her to stick her tongue out so he could cum on it.

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