Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Casting D&G


(This adventure is based on a true story)

Young fashion model Elizabeth always had a “problem”. When she got booked for a shooting they always wanted more from her than normal. The guy from D&G got totally horny when he saw her and offered her a drink before they did some test pictures on the stairs to his apartment.

He went crazy about her legs and her booty and wanted her to show him more in his apartment. It was a very well paid job so Elizabeth agreed and went with him upstairs. He first just wanted her to rub her booty on his chest.

Then he wanted to rub his long hard cock between her cheeks. And of course he wanted her to suck him.

What followed was one of the longest fucks ever. He could not get enough of her booty and fucked her almost 2 hours doggystyle, in the bed and standing next to the bed. He set up also his old mobile and filmed a little.

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