ELIZABETH CARSON – Interracial Pool Latex

Housewife and model Elizabeth is now happy because she has again a special shooting – an interracial pool shooting with latex. She could not get enough of the black stallion last time. Today she wears a latex corset and high heels only and he is also dressed in latex, a black top with matching shorts.

Both dressed in latex

Elizabeth is surprised how well he looks in black latex … and she likes him smoking a cigar.

What a good looking guy Elizabeth thinks …
Elizabeth can feel something getting BIG …

She touches his latex shorts and feels his big hard cock and can’t wait to take it out.

She can’t wait any longer …
OMG … what a huge cock!

When she finally sees his cock she can’t believe how big he is.

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Elizabeth is sure that she will work again with him because she is simply addicted to his BBC already!

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