Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Latex Famous


Elizabeth met by accident one of her biggest fans at a gas station, a famous dancer and entertainer and a top male celebrity (that’s why we had to pixel his face on the photos). She liked him a lot because he was of course good looking and well built. He could not get his eyes off her legs and he went crazy about her latex mini skirt.

He offered to drive her home and in front of the garage he grabbed her ass and pushed his body on hers. Elizabeth could feel that he was already hard as a rock when he whispered that he wants to have a hot latex session with her.

He insisted to wear a latex mask. He did not want to get recognized.

He was so damn horny because of Elizabeth showing her sexy booty and wearing a tight latex corset and latex stockings and high heels.

Elizabeth got very lusty and she enjoyed licking his nipples and feeling his big one. She wanted him to fuck her – hard and long!

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The hottest latex session

He first licked and sucked her hard nipples and then her pussy before she sucked his cock

He let her first ride on him before he fucked her brains out doggystyle!

Elizabeth Carson - Latex Famous - Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Latex Famous – Overview

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Elizabeth had more fun with him in two hot role-play-sessions.  Enjoy the nurse  and the french maid part 1 and part 2.

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