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Elizabeth Carson - Latex Penthouse

ELIZABETH CARSON – Latex Corset Penthouse

Elizabeth got invited by one of her members to a really nice hotel room, a penthouse overlooking the old town of Zurich. He wanted her to bring her photographer and wear high heels, stockings and a black latex corset only.

He had invited two other business men for a “special night” and they all started by having some vodkas served by Elizabeth.

She wanted to first put on some more make-up in the bathroom. It does not really surprise you that they all wanted to see that. They got very excited seeing her sexy body when she started posing for them …

They asked her to pose on the stairs and she noticed that the business men were already quite horny in their business suits and started to take off jackets and ties.

Elizabeth knew that they wanted to see her ass and therefore she posed in the doggystyle position for them on the floor. They wanted her to remove the “Do Not Disturb” sign … and yes, she did it.

Then they suggested to go up to the terrace.

She asked them next to go a little down the stairs while she stayed sitting on the top.

She started playing with her nipples and asked them if they really wanted to see her pussy. The answer was clear but she said that they had to do something for her too. “I will show you my pussy if you show me your cocks.”

In no time they were undressed and staring up when she spread her legs wide looking down at their rock hard cocks. She started to touch herself and masturbating before she opened her pussy lips fully. The guys went crazy and started to wank their cocks hard.

Elizabeth said that she wanted more vodka and they all went back to the bar and enjoyed some more  drinks. They also served her some lines and she was happy to take them all. Elizabeth decided to pose next at the window. “You all want more of me, don’t you? That’s why you gave me the lines …” She had her tongue out because she was now also very horny. She turned around, laid on her back, lifted her legs, opened her pussy lips again and asked “So, who wants to fuck me first?”

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Then they had a crazy idea. Elizabeth should call roomservice and then seduce the guy to join their orgy. They were hiding in the other room, put a small video camera on the table and watched Elizabeth in action.

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Elizabeth Carson - Latex Corset Penthouse Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Latex Corset Penthouse Overview

Elizabeth got fucked hard, deep and long by all of them in all positions. Elizabeth was screaming full of lust and pain and the guys showed no mercy with her. She really got it and she liked it!

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