Sexy High Heels

ELIZABETH CARSON – White Dress Prosecco

Elizabeth had a few secrets. Some people knew about them. One secret was that she would get horny from drinking Prosecco. One guy invited her for a party and wanted her to wear a white tight dress and high heels. He was happy when he saw her. She did not wear underwear and this made him even hornier. 

He knew Elizabeth’ secret and he offered her of course as much Prosecco as she wanted.

Elizabeth was in her glory … one glass after another …

And she started to feel it. She got horny!

It did not take much time … and she was ready for the party.

They went inside and he took his smartphone out and started to film Elizabeth dancing to the loud music.

She felt great and was really horny. She started to undress and showed her hard nipples.

Well, Elizabeth had another secret and he knew it. If you served her some lines of “snow” with Prosecco she was ready for anything. So he got some lines ready and when Elizabeth saw them she started to smile and took them all. And the result? 

She gave him first a nice blowjob and then she wanted to get fucked really hard and long!

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